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“My AC was not working on the day I needed it the most. It was getting very frustrating and looking at the review of HVAC Clearwater Pros; I decided to call them. The technician arrived on time as promised and solved the problem within time. Thank you for your service. I highly recommend HVAC Clearwater Pros. ”


“I am satisfied with HVAC Clearwater Pros. Each one of their technicians is professional, and I appreciate you for your on-time service. My AC is working absolutely fine, and I call HVAC Clearwater Pros always for annual maintenance”


“I make sure that my AC is always in proper shape and that’s why I always avail HVAC Clearwater Pros’ preventive maintenance service every year. This company is undoubtedly the best in the industry and provide excellent service.” 




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Welcome to HVAC Clearwater Pros Get the best HVAC service in Clearwater, FL

HVAC Clearwater Pros is one of the best HVAC companies. We have an experienced team of  heating and cooling experts who are dedicated to providing you with bespoke heating and cooling service. If you are looking for a reliable heating and cooling services,  then get in touch with us today. Let us come to your house of property in Clearwater, FL and give you the right solution for the problematic HVAC system. We know that it is hard to stay without a heating or cooling system, and this is why we ensure that we look into the root cause and solve the issues effectively and allow the perfect airflow from the system.

We, at HVAC Clearwater Pros, provide a massive range of services. These include installation, maintenance, as well as repair services that you can count on for an array of air and heating systems. If you need an HVAC technician, then we are just a call away.

HVAC Clearwater Pros does everything from heating, AC repair, to ductless HVAC repairing in Clearwater and surrounding areas​

Even though HVAC systems are manufactured to provide 360-degree comfort and efficiency, you still need the air best air conditioners and robustly built heat pumps, along with reliable furnaces to enhance the performance of your air conditioning and heating. If you are looking for HVAC repair near me, then your search ends right here with us. We do bespoke HVAC installation and have the right team of HVAC technician to handle all kinds of air conditioning systems. Every summer the air conditioners deal with the harsh weather, and therefor HVAC Clearwater Pros offer and install superior quality Trane Equipment as well. We are dedicated to providing our customer-oriented service in Clearwater and nearby areas.

We aim to provide high standard ductless HVAC service all over Clearwater, FL, at a highly affordable price. When it comes to standard heating and air conditioning service, always remember to get in touch with secure and reliable ac heating and air conditioning services provider only.

Our HVAC Services

  • AC Repair
  • AC Installation
  • Air Quality
  • Duct Cleaning
  • AC Thermostats
  • Heating Pumps
360-degree Heating and AC Repair Service
As the temperature in Clearwater, FL starts to increase; it becomes difficult for any resident in Clearwater to stay without a fully-functioning AC. We provide heating and AC repair services, which will ensure that your AC is always in good condition. Preventive maintenance is highly recommended, and it helps you lower the chances of heat pump malfunctions as well. It is not uncommon for air conditioners to break down in the middle of a hot summer day, and that’s why you should call us for heating and AC repair services. We will tune up the AC to ensure its overall life expectancy. The thumb rule of an AC is simple; if you look after it, it will take care of you in return. We are a specialized ductless heating and cooling service provider, and we have the right technicians who know how to fix different brands of AC. Give us a call to talk to our customer-friendly support and book an appointment.

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Air Conditioning & Furnace Installation

HVAC Clearwater Pros can install a new system which is engineered to meet with your home’s heating and cooling requirements. Once we are done with the fresh air conditioner, uneven temperatures, hot spots, and eliminate the stale air, you and your entire family will experience only the comfortable flow of your new air conditioner. 

We understand you are looking for an AC service provider, which will take care of your finances too and we do care about your money as well. Air conditioners can fail when you are least expecting it, and we make sure to offer our air conditioning and furnace service, which will be easy on your pockets.


Licensed & Insured

You can rely that we have all licenses and insurance to protect our customers.


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Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority for all of our customers. 

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Duct Cleaning service

Looking for HVAC contractors near me? Then call us today. With time, the AC’s ductwork starts accumulating a lot of unhealthy contaminants, which can harm your family and cause a lot of health issues as well. Call us if you want us to clean the ducts of your air conditioner. We carry compressed air to remove grime, dirt, as well as waste products, and motorized brushes too to clean the duct properly. You must think about routine duct cleaning as well to enhance the life of your AC, and when you think about heating and air near me, then we are the one to get in touch with.

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Preventive Maintenance Service

The life of your air conditioner depends mostly on how you treat it. Go for our preventive maintenance service and call us for routine maintenance service. We will help you keep your AC running. Our preventive maintenance packages range from 1 to 3 years. You can choose a plan, which suits you the best. During the offseason, it is always recommended to call the best heating and air conditioning repair company to test and clean your system and find out the hidden problems which can impact the performance of your AC.

Reliable and No hidden charges

For all your HVAC requirements, always rely on a secure and professional company. Call us today to book an appointment and let one of our customer support people talk to you to understand what you need and book an appointment for a system evaluation.

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